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People – Biography

Yoshie Shimbo - Designer

Ms. Shimbo joined Quincy Studio in 2010, and has served as chief designer for several commercial projects throughout Japan. For an old brewery redevelopment, she conducted feasibility studies of several schemes with apt visualization techniques to help the constituency understand the options at hand.  She is the chief interior designer for an Italian restaurant being planned in an old wooden theater building to be converted to serve the community needs in Saitama prefecture.  Her meticulous investigation of dozens of geometric configurations for the parti of a soccer team dormitory in Chiba helped determine the optimum planning to house 80 athletes and 15 technical staff, provide for the administration, and entertain team supporters who visit the compound to watch the team practice.  Her design capability also extends to graphic design whereby an organic blueberry farmer in the western part of Japan is rebranding its products with market sensitive logo and labeling design.


She is the brightest in the mind, and the most sincere in the heart; her clients feel at ease with her, which results in the most creative and constructive dialogues between her design team and the client group.


Before joining the firm, she was with CAt (2008-10) and Pelli Clarke Pelli Architects Japan / Jun Mitsui and Associates (2007-09). She had a half year of internship with STUDIO ABK in New Haven, CT before completing her Marster of Architecture degree at Tokyo Institute of Technology. Her previous experience includes office towers in Osaka and Seoul, a commercial building in Seoul, a high-rise residential in Dubai, a national art museum in Beirut, a small collective housing in Tokyo, as well as an immense campus planning in Kyrgystan.